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A leading comprehensive brain tumor program, using molecular diagnostic, gene expression analysis,
cutting edge clinical trials and advanced medical informatics to customize treatment plans for cancer patients.
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World Class Oncology Care
Dr. Timothy Cloughesy explains how the Neuro-Oncology Program is aiming to set the standard for patient care and accelerate translational brain cancer research.

At UCLA, our mission is to provide patients with the best possible care using our multi-disciplinary team of experts from Medical Oncology, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Radiation Oncology, Biology, Genetics, Psychiatry, Psychology, Neuroradiology, Neuropathology and Computer Science.

UCLA Neuro-Oncology is different from other treatment centers in that we are on the cutting edge of clinical trail design and available therapies. We are often the first institution to offer Phase I and Phase II clinical trials and work independently with leading bio-tech firms to secure these cutting edge therapeutic agents.  In addition, our program is also a member of the North American Brain Tumor Consortium who works on our behalf to further secure agents. 

UCLA patients receive a significant benefit when it comes to neuro-surgical tumor resection. At UCLA, our neuro-surgical teams not only use the most advanced surgical tools and robotic assisted machines, but they also use Intra-Operative MRIs and Functional MRI for language and critical motor skills mapping.

Another area where patients receive a benefit from having treatment at UCLA is by having access to clinical social care services. We understand that patients and their care givers need help to, this is why we have dedicated clinical social workers to provide care to the patients and their care givers. We also provide education materials and host an annual brain tumor conference to help educate patients and their care givers about this disease and available treatment options.
At UCLA our sole focus is the care of brain tumor patients, and the ability to push science & technology forward towards a cure. The UCLA Neuro-Oncologists and members of our team are focused 100% on brain tumor patients. They are required to be leaders in the field in terms of research and clinical care. They are also required to attend national conferences and publish regularly on their findings. 
UCLA Neuro-Oncology:
Dr. Timothy Cloughesy explains how the Neuro-Oncology Program is aiming to set the standard for patient care and translational brain cancer research.
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